Best trainers for walking

With countless brands, designs, and technical buzzwords, finding the best trainers for walking is often difficult. A training shoe is an important piece of your gym kit you must not overlook. First, get a test from a sportswear center to determine the most comfortable trainers for walking that best suits you.

Walking shoes are normally lightweight and more flexible than running shoes. There is no one-size-fits-all or a superior design when it comes to walking shoes. You must consider your foot structure, stride strength, and your walking style. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about walking trainers.

The best trainers come with special features to give you protection against pressures created by your feet striking the ground and rolling sideways on uneven grounds. While running shoes possess forward and backward movement features, walkers safeguard your ankles and feet against sideways movements. Our list includes the 6 best trainers for walking long distances with Merrell Men’s Walking Shoe being our favorite as it provides tremendous comfort and strength. Check the list to find which one best fits your needs.

How To Choose The Best Trainers For Walking

Feet are created differently and so are walking styles. Several factors come into play when determining good trainers for walking but in case you don’t have time to go over the entire review, you can simply check out our top 6 picks. The first thing to analyze is whether you have overpronation. This refers to strides that make ankles over roll. Overpronators have a higher injury risk since the ankles, feet, and legs experience additional stress so they need shoes with motion control. The other factor is supination – the opposite of overpronation – whereby the feet don’t roll inwards sufficiently after landing on hard ground. In this case, you should buy trainers with curved lasts to encourage pronation.

Here are our best comfy trainers for walking:







Merrell Men’s Helixer Distort

Ranking number one in our best picks is Merrel Helixer Distort for men. They are the most comfortable trainers for walking. Any man who is serious about walking or hiking should own a pair of these trainers. They are available in a variety of colours and you will love the full-grain leather plus suede uppers. For your comfort, the sole of Merrell shoe is rubber. In addition, there is a mesh lining that facilitates breathability, something that’s vital for a walker. The comfy shoes boast removable mid-soles and inner soles and they are extremely sturdy. Their unmatched comfort is the reason we have listed them as our favourite.

Asics Noosa FF

If you are searching for super lightweight trainers for walking, Asics Noosa FF brand has you covered. They weigh only 205 g, so you don’t have to walk with extra baggage. The shoe gives the type of comfort and support that you need when you are engaging in long distance walks. They feel remarkably comfortable. The midsole features flyte-foam which provides wonderful bounce and is highly responsive. The rear foot area has a gel cushioning that absorbs shock without adding extra weight. You can even run wearing this versatile footwear.

Sketcher Performance Men’s Go Walk

Coming as our number three pick is the slip-on walking shoe for men – Sketcher Performance for men. The traction quality of these comfortable walking shoes is noteworthy and they don’t compromise on comfort. They come with rubber soles and the heel is 1.5”. You can choose from 9 different colours and a broad spectrum of sizes. The foot is cushioned with Skechers own GoGa Mat lining, which is based on a yoga mat design and is better for the foot than memory foam. These materials contribute to the lightweight nature. The breathable fabric that makes up the shoe ensures that your feet are fully aerated as you walk. The shoe also comes in a design for women, with all the same features.

A Summary of the Best Trainers for Walking

Always consider both flexibility and support when choosing trainers for walking. They must bend with ease to match the contours of your feet. They should also give ample resistance if you twist them. Don’t forget about cushioning on the parts that matter the most – below the ball of the foot. Make sure what you look at is a walking trainer and not just a typical sneaker.

You might find it hard to find great walking shoes on Amazon or any other marketplace. Forget about the hype and start considering the most important features of walking trainers. As mentioned above, our best recommendation is Merrell Men’s Helixer Distort because it has the perfect balance between comfort and sturdiness. You can walk in them over any type of terrain. The Sketcher’s Performance Men’s Slip-on Shoes seem to be the most comfy but let’s not forget that durability is a critical factor. If your feet are wide, consider the New Balance Men’s Leather shoes with a mesh. What you need is a shoe that fits your feet and personal preferences. Of course, most of the companies also produce products designed for women, made to the same high standards.