Glass food storage containers

In this guide, you will discover many reasons why you should ditch all your plastic food boxes and switch to glass food storage containers. Firstly, glass food containers are much better for the environment. We all know the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. And, switching to glass containers is one way to live green

Glass food storage containers are also much more hygienic than plastic containers. Plastic can become scratched through use. And, food can get stuck in the cracks, which is not sanitary. Plastic containers tend to discolour unattractively with use. Glass food containers with lids keep odours locked inside and keep foods fresher longer than plastic.

Best Glass Food Storage Containers

You can find the best glass food containers UK has to offer on Amazon’s UK website. There are many styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for daily storage of food items you use everyday or whether you’re looking for suitable glass containers for your meal-preps. Here’s a list of our top picks for glass containers taking quality and price into account.

Great Glass food storage containers with lids:

HomEquip 5-Piece Set with Clip-Top Lids

This 5-piece set is at the top of our list for three reasons. These preserving jar styles look great on your kitchen countertop. They keep food super fresh with their airtight lock, and they’re BPA free. The best thing about them is that they come with a chalkboard, reusable stickers. And, a chalk marker so that you can label each jar appropriately.

2 Canister Set by California Home Goods

Similar to our first choice, our second choice is a good option if you’re looking for a smaller set. But, with only 2 jars or if you prefer to have same-sized storage jars for your kitchen. If you want to keep your storage jars displayed on open shelves or on your kitchen counter, this is a really neat choice.

EatNeat 4-Piece Glass Set with Stainless Steel Lids

This set is a close second to the previous set. The set has a more modern look. The containers are food-safe with stainless steel lids. They don’t retain odours and are easy to wash. The different sizes also offer you more variety in terms of what food you can store in them. A tall container suitable for spaghetti, and rounder ones for smaller items like beans and sweets.

Which Glass Food Storage Containers are Best for ou?

The best place to get glass food storage containers UK models is Amazon, as they have hundreds of choices.

If you’re looking for dry food storage, a set with different-sized containers is the best choice. Preserving jars and stainless steel lid storage jars look great on your counter and are a clean way to store food for long periods of time. If you regularly meal-prep, flatter storage containers, especially ones with separators are the best as jars are not ideal to store complete meals, glass containers work in good combination with baby food processors to keep the baby food for longer.